Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly: Volume 6

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The sixth volume of our popular Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly series contains sixty new hand-crafted puzzles from some of the world's best puzzlemakers. This collection contains ten puzzles in each of six different genres: Sudoku, Kakuro, Parking Lot, Nanro, Snake Pit, and Round Trip. Each section has seven "classic" puzzles as well as three variations in a different style. If you enjoy our full puzzle weeks on the web, you'll enjoy each of these sections that feature many clever ideas across a range of difficulty levels from easy to hard.

Grandmaster Puzzles Quarterly: Volume 6 features puzzles from: Ashish Kumar, Eric Fox, Grant Fikes, Jeffrey Bardon, JinHoo Ahn, John Bulten, Jonas Gleim, Michael Tang, Murat Can Tonta, Prasanna Seshadri, R. Kumaresan, Rajesh Kumar, Sam Cappleman-Lynes, Serkan Yürekli, Thomas Snyder, and Zoltán Horváth. The collection was edited by Thomas Snyder and Serkan Yürekli.

(Originally published in December, 2022.)