Season 1 - A Fresh Start (July-September 2023 Puzzles)

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This purchase will give you access to three months of puzzles on the GMPuzzles blog that are available only to subscribers. Upon purchase, you will get puzzle PDFs for "Week 0" as well as a PDF with instructions to set-up an account and to complete registration.

We're excited to bring you a new subscription offering at GMPuzzles. With "Season 1 - A Fresh Start", we are combining the best traits of our e-books and blog into one combined package, with high-quality daily puzzle content and a community of solvers to interact with.

This subscription, covering all our released puzzles from July to September 2023, includes:

  • 2 puzzles each day from Monday to Saturday, in the same genre, with one "warm-up" puzzle at 1-1.5 star difficulty and a second puzzle that will vary in difficulty from the start to the end of the week (Mondays are easier and Saturdays can be fiendishly difficult).
  • One Sunday Special each week with unusual challenges from giant puzzles to puzzle hunt style puzzles to entirely new puzzle genre sets.
  • All puzzles include PDFs for paper solving as well as digital solving options with Penpa-Edit.
  • All puzzles include solutions and walkthrough animations (and/or sometimes YouTube videos or written hints).
  • (Optional) Subscription comes with access to the GMPuzzles Discord for additional conversation about the subscription puzzles and broader puzzle conversations with the GMPuzzles team and other subscribers.

In total, the subscription brings you over 175 puzzles for just $10 (US). 

Note that if you subscribe after the start of the subscription period, you will be able to immediately access all of the already published puzzles while still getting the remaining new puzzles daily when they release. If you purchase after September 2023, it will be like getting a full book of 175+ puzzles at once, but with a trail of blog posts and other links where solvers have already left behind comments and discussion.