Masterpiece Sudoku Mix 7: Sudoku

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Each of our Masterpiece Sudoku Mixes features visually and logically brilliant sudoku puzzles from many of the world's best puzzle designers.

While many of our mixes feature sudoku variants, Masterpiece Sudoku Mix #7 features 25 "Classic" Sudoku puzzles from eleven authors: Akash Doulani, Ashish Kumar, Grant Fikes, JinHoo Ahn, John Bulten, Prasanna Seshadri, Rajesh Kumar, Sam Cappleman-Lynes, Serkan Yürekli, Thomas Snyder, and Zoltán Horváth. While the basic sudoku form should be familiar, across this set of hand-crafted challenges you will run into some creative themes unlike anything you've seen before.

(Originally published in August, 2022.)

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