Starter Pack 4: Slitherlink

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This is a PDF ebook only, and a download link will be shared by email upon purchase.

This PDF includes a page of links to digital solving versions (Penpa-Edit) of each puzzle with automatic checking. There are also Penpa solution animations for each puzzle to help visualize how to get to the solution if you get stuck.

Our Starter Pack series is a great way to get into new puzzle genres with easy to medium (Monday-Wednesday difficulty) puzzles. Slitherlink is a "basic" loop puzzle where the clues in the grid indicate how many edges of that cell are part of the loop, but from this simple rule a lot of interesting logic can come together. This collection features 30 Slitherlink puzzles from accomplished puzzlemaker Takeya Saikachi, with many clever themes and a personal design style you'll appreciate as you work through the book. 

(Originally published in August, 2022.)

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